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$DYDXUSDT: Buy Signal, Entry, Exit and Profit Targets

What I love to see on Dydx is the multi time frame alignment and Confirmation with the Daily Time Frame shown above an the 4hr Time frame below.

$Dydx just broke and successfully retested above the downtrend it has respected since ATH.

And did this on both time frame, which is truly good news.

I am rooting for a 14day time frame being very reserved, TPs are all indicated on chart and listed below. I only give this much time frame, because I expect BTC to interrupt the movement somewhere in-between.

But in the overall scheme of things, she is very ready to go.

$DYDX Spot Buy

Entry – $8.7

Take Profit 1 – $10.5

Take Profit 2 – $12.7

Take Profit 3 – $15.0

Stop Loss – $7.3

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